Monday, May 12, 2008

This Picture Is Worth at Least TWO Thousand Words

I think this photo tells you more about my husband than anything I could ever write. This is how he spent his afternoon yesterday. And I'm not supposed to tell you that the beer he's holding is a Corona Light. How can a man spend all afternoon cutting and loading scrap metal, and then come home and drink light beer? And here we all were thinking he was so macho.

But enough about him--don't you want to know what I was doing yesterday? Of course you do!

I was planting a field of potatoes. Yes, a field. That's what we're calling it anyway, because there are a LOT of potatoes out in that there garden, all the holes for which were individually hand-dug by me and the MiL. I can't lift my arms now, but I'll forget the pain in a couple of months when we're harvesting our fabulous potato crop. It's going to be meat and potatoes for us all winter.

We also planted some corn and lettuce, and in about an hour I'll plant beets. The beet seeds are soaking right now, in "bathtub-warm water." That's exactly what the seed packet directions said. What the hell is that? Everyone likes their baths at different temperatures, Seed People! Could you be a little more specific, please? I finally, and totally arbitrarily, decided that it meant water that won't scald a baby, so I went with kind of lukewarm. Which, incidentally, is usually about the temperature of our bath water in the winter. But if my beets don't germinate, I'm blaming the copywriters at John Scheeper's Kitchen Garden Seeds.


mil said...

I think it would be prudent to mix in some of the compost before you plant. Be generous, so the little devils can grow fast. I'm hungry for new beets!

Ms Picket To You said...

Please plant that Corona Light next time. With proper mulch and tender love and care, some Miller Lite will bloom, oh, late August.

All serious, yours in my vicarious farm.

Roger A. Post said...

I guess the Corona Light is okay as an immediate thirst quencher on a hot day, but I strongly recommend following up with a Guiness Stout after cooling down in the evening. The scrap pile in the truck is impressive, although the large cylinder that A. is standing on looks somewhat precarious. Perhaps A. is training for a log-rolling competition?

SaraPMcC said...

And what did YOU have to drink after you finished your hard work?

Sarah S. said...

Your garden sounds great. It makes me want to get busy on mine. Oh what to plant. Enjoy all those potatoes