Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Post About Snow

Because we got more snow yesterday. LOTS more snow. About seven inches, in fact. It started about 9 a.m., snowed all day, briefly paused last night, and now is snowing again this morning. We knew this storm was coming because of the winter weather advisories we'd been seeing. (Which cause us to go around in the time before the storm solemnly intoning, "We're under threat." Because it's funny. And because we're gigantic nerds.) So the sheep had their hay, the chickens had their feed, all the animals were snug and ready for the snow.

The chickens were quite happy to sit around inside and roost all day. The sheep were not so happy. The sheep were kinda pissed. They Do Not Approve of snow that covers the grass up. Even though the grass is DEAD and they have perfectly good hay to eat, they still want to graze. And the snow deprives them of this activity. So they stand at the gate next to the house and maa loudly at the slightest sign of activity. As if this is all my fault.

We want our GRASS, damn you.

The dogs enjoy the snow. At least, they enjoy it for 20 minutes or so of frantic swirling and playing, but then the ice builds up between their toes and their noses get cold from sticking them in snow drifts and they're quite ready to head inside and take their positions in front of the woodstove.

That small dot is Mia, waiting patiently for me to stop this wandering around with the stupid camera already so she can go inside and roast her head under the woodstove.

Yes, the snow is magical and gorgeous. Especially when someone (A.) is home to help me shovel. Yay for weekend snowstorms!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got a lot more snow out of that storm system than we did when we had it Thursday. You're welcome! But we got a little coating of ice first, under the snow, just to make it more treacherous. And then a very thin coating of ice on top of the snow, which makes my dog think he can walk on the snow and then get all surprised and confused when he breaks through on every 3rd or 4th step. This is amusing to me.

Anonymous said...

I want more snow photos! It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing magical or gorgeous about it. I hate snow.

Aunt Krissy said...

I have to fake my dog out now to get her to go outside. It's not really a fake out.. I have to put my boots on and go out with her and walk around the yard with her. If I open the back door and ask her " go outside?" she just will lay down. Even it its been 10 hrs or so! She must have a bladder made of steel!

jean said...

I love the photo of the sheep and the sounds they must make. The poor things.