Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deep Thoughts with Kristin

In the midst of the turmoil, financial and otherwise, we all face in this depressing day and age, I seek distractions. And that is why, after the announcement that the U.S. recession began a year ago and so we should all have been panicking last December, I began to contemplate the humble coffee mug.*

I was contemplating the coffee mug because I have begun to drink wine out of one. If that sounds weird and stupid to you, just take a moment to think of the benefits of such a vessel.

1) It has a handle, so your hot little hands won't affect the temperature of your wine (I don't care about such things, but you're probably a bit more refined than I am).

2) A mug has a nice solid base, making it far less tippy than a standard wine glass. This is helpful when you're on your second or third mug and would therefore be more likely to knock a glass off the table and splash wine all over the floor and the dog on the floor. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

3) A coffee mug is not see-through and no one expects it to contain anything other than a hot beverage, so you can pretend you're drinking something wholesome like Ovaltine or tea. Until you start knocking things over, and then the game is pretty much up.

My mom always uses a coffee mug for ice cream, too. Though I always preferred a bowl for that, because I'm a piglet and usually want more ice cream than will fit in a standard coffee mug.

In conclusion, I urge you today to look at the ordinary objects around you with fresh eyes. You never know what novel idea you may come up with next. And if you're easily distracted, like me, then a coffee mug may make you forget about that stupid Dow and its stupid plummeting numbers, if only for a moment.

* No, there is no relation between a recession and a coffee mug--this is just the way my mind works. Just roll with me here.


mitsy said...

My Dad likes to drink his beloved Coors Light out of a travel coffee mug - I'll go up to pay a visit to the parental units at 10AM on a Saturday morning, and he already has his travel mug in hand, starting the day off right. ;)

Anonymous said...

scmntgirl - my dad does actually drink coffee out of his travel coffee mug. Liberally laced with brandy, of course.

Anonymous said...

LOL...my mil drinks wine out of a water bottle, the opaque kind with the little flip up lid...so classy I tell you! I used to think she was so healthy drinking all that water until hubby clued me in on what was in it!

MsPicketToYou said...

since I always roll with you, I am gonna take up your challenge. this keyboard for instance? not so much letters on metal; more... those kids? not so much a pain in the arse (ok, sometimes)...

now I am on to contemplating my beer bottle which is unusual because it's usually a can.