Friday, September 25, 2009

Yesterday's News

Newsflash #1: I washed and detailed my car yesterday. Because I know how to have a good time, yes. But seriously, it has been AT LEAST six years since my car has been washed. Because, I don't know, I was living in an apartment with nowhere to wash it, and then I moved here, and the outside taps didn't work for a long time, and I'm too cheap to go to a car wash . . . Actually, I guess the real reason is because my car is old and I just don't care that much. Maybe if I drove a new Cadillac I would take more pride in its appearance, but a 12-year-old dented and beginning-to-rust Nissan? A little dirt doesn't hurt its image that much.

However, we finally got the outside taps fixed, I managed to find a very old hose and get A. to somehow clamp a new end on it so I could screw it into the tap, and then I washed my car. I felt so very suburban. I also felt kind of grossed out by whatever the black, sticky substance was that was all over the car and required actual scrubbing to remove. Ew. Then I hauled out the extension cord and the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed it all. Then I got out the Windex and wiped down all the inside and washed the windows.

Then I put everything away and went whining in to A. about how much my back hurt. Because I am 80 years old. Really, though, it took a long time and a lot of work to do all that. Over two hours and a lot of hauling things around. Those people at the car washes should make a lot more.

Newsflash #2: I don't really like prime rib all that much. I KNOW. I feel like I should like it, because it's one of the most expensive and fancy cuts of meat, but it's just too fatty. I made prime rib last night for our little dinner party and was kind of skeeved out by all the fat I had to cut off my piece. I just . . . don't like fatty meat much. Of course, everyone else loves prime rib, so that just means more for them. And I made sure there were plenty of mashed potatoes (butter/milk/sour cream/salt), so it was all alright.

And that concludes our random news program for the day. Have a happy weekend, duckies!


sheila said...

Get grass fed beef. No worries about fat then. Of course you'll have to stew the meat to make it tender enough to eat, but it won't have fat.

word verification is odglymm.... how do I do that? Do I look at people with a lear?

Susan said...

I thought I was the only person in the world who didn't like prime rib. Thank you, Kristin. I feel better.

My word verification is beable. I may not be loveable but I AM beable.

Chiot's Run said...

I don't like prime rib either, I prefer a good piece of top round sirloin wrapped in prosciutto and grilled till medium rare, then topped off with a butter port wine sauce - MMMMMMM. I'm with sheila on the pastured beef, we now eat the fat - super healthy.

Kudos on cleaning your car, Mr Chiots is the resident detailer around here, and he's serious. We've got all kinds of lotions and potions for the car. I don't mind, they come in handy when polishing up my stove!

My word verification: boodande - what's that???

Aunt Krissy said...

Love the FAT on prime rib. If I was there I would have been eyeing your plate. With a little dab of horsedadish? I might brust into song.

Anonymous said...

I have had prime rib once....yummy.My word verification is repur-----as in grim or as in the kitty is starting to purr again. or maybe we need to repur- ify the water.
Oh, and chiot's run, I think boodande is one fine ghost.

Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

My wife hates the fat, too. So I make sure to sit next to her.

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FinnyKnits said...

I agree. Prime rib is nast. Plus, it just reminds me of skeevy buffets and that doesn't help its image.

On the grody fat meat subject, I tried spiral cut ham for the first time at my MiL's Christmas celebration a few years ago and BLECH. So fatty! Why do people eat this?

I, too, turned to mashed potatoes for sustenance.

Kay said...

Prime rib is over-rated. Rib-eyes are where it's at (the flavor that is.)

Wendy said...

I'll take any slab of red meat on my plate medium rare - the more fat the better. yuuuuumm.

word: adjus - very close to what I'm thinking about - prime rib au jus.

rls said...

Yeah, I have to cut off the fat, too, and it always ends up being about half the cut of meat. But I don't mind that much because what's left is pretty darn good. But I really prefer New York strips.... which reminds me of one time when a girlfriend and I were out to dinner and the waiter, with a straight face, offered us a 16-oz. Cowboy Strip. We badly embarassed ourselves.

My verification word: plonstat. My daughter has provided the following translation: it's German for toejam.

me again said...

Well, I'll eat prime rib any ol' day. Yum.

My word verification is prosed. I would write more, um, prose, but I am tired and will now toodle off to bed. It's 1 in the morning, lordy. So I guess I am all prosed out....

Brother Frankie said...

prime rib is rib eye, aint it?

at least thats what i always was thinking..

Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

It's the same cut of meat, but the cooking process is so different that the taste is also completely different. Ribeyes also typically have more of the fat cut off before cooking. With the standing rib you leave it on while it cooks.