Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting Ready

Well. The MiL has found Rita's new family. They came yesterday to meet Rita, and will be taking her away on Wednesday.

Logically, it's clear that this is best. Rita is a young, very active, and still immature dog that demands a disproportionate amount of my time and attention during the day. Three dogs was already verging on too many; four WAS too many, especially with a baby coming. Rita really needed to go to people who could give her all their attention and love.

Intellectually, I know all that. But emotionally? It's so hard to let any of my dogs go. Even if they aren't all actually MY dogs, and I knew all along she'd be going eventually. I've spent almost a year taking care of her, and she really is such a nice dog.

But. She'll be a nice dog for her new family too, and she'll probably be happier there without the competition of three other dogs. We'll no doubt be more sad about her going than she will be. And in the meantime, there will be lots of petting and attention for Rita.

And lots more when she gets to her new home. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

P.S. I really should add here that when the family was here yesterday, the lady said to her sons, "You're going to have a sister now, like you always wanted." I think she was only partly kidding. This is obviously a woman who is worthy of Rita.


Anonymous said...

Now, how could you ask for a better family for Rita than that?
Merry Christmas Rita !
I know tho your heart will hurt for a bit about it...but, always remember what that lady said. Good for Rita.

Anonymous said...

We will all miss Rita! But what a wonderful gift of a forever home for her alone.

Phoo-D said...

Aww...that is so tough and bittersweet. I'm glad Rita will get lots of love and one-on-one attention. And yes, 4 big dogs is at least one too many! =)

Anonymous said...

Aww...I'm sorry. But good for Rita. Sounds like she found an awesome family.

rls said...

That reminds me of the line from The Aristocats: "You're not a lady. You're nothin' but a sister."

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that you need to send a sheep along with Rita? Or does her new family have them for her to play with and herd?

MsPicketToYou said...

Loved. Missed.

Sometimes we make space, for real. Sometimes the space we make -- the untouchable kind -- just makes the space bigger...

Ya dig?

Sara said...

Oh, that's so sad, and yet it sounds like a good thing for Rita. Is it an open adoption? Will you be getting photos?

andrea said...

hard for you for sure but good for her for sure too

hang in there and spoil her rotten

dognutmom said...

As someone up above me there said ... bittersweet.

Do you hear about the other pups in the litter?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

To answer some questions . . . Rita is going to live with a lady who sort of works with the MiL, so I'm sure we'll be getting updates.

Another of the MiL's co-workers has one of Rita's brothers, and she and her family just love him. In fact, they have an adopted son who had some social anxiety, and the dog has been a great help with that, apparently.

Yet ANOTHER of the MiL's co-workers gives us updates on Fluffy, who went to Utah with his (the co-worker's) daughter to be a therapy dog. Fluffy, now named Asha, hasn't started her therapy training yet, but the family can't say enough good things about her, so I'd say that was a success.

And finally, the MiL's sister took one of the boys from the litter. So yeah, we still hear about many of the puppies on a regular basis.