Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yet More High Fashion, Maternity-style

I have taken to stopping by the Salvation Army thrift store every time I go by it in the Small City to check out their maternity section. The "section" in question actually being about two feet of rack space, we're not talking a large selection. But, since it's a thrift store, the items change and turn over quickly, so you never know what you might find.

Last time I was in there, I got lucky. There was a red dress in my size. A kind of shirt dress, with a collar, which meant not a lot of spilling over cleavage. YAY! I have noticed that the makers of maternity wear seem to have this idea that if people focus on your chest, they won't pay as much attention to the rapidly expanding belly. Or something. Whatever, I don't appreciate the plunging necklines on maternity clothes. Besides making me a wee bit self-conscious, they also make me cold.


So there was this dress, with three-quarter sleeves, and it was red, and it fit me, and we have various holiday gatherings coming up, so . . . I bought it. Four bucks. I love thrift stores.

The dress was somewhat short, about mid-thigh, but since I was planning on wearing it with tights and knee-high boots, I figured that didn't matter so much. I had some vague thoughts of maybe going to a real store to see if I could find tights or leggings specifically made for pregnant women. Except I never got to a real store and last night we went to a party to which I wanted to wear the dress. Which left me jerry-rigging my pre-pregnancy black tights so they wouldn't sag immediately and bind me at the knees.

I safety-pinned them to my bra. Oh yes, I did.

This worked well, and I had no problems with knee binding. However. It did pose some challenges of a bathroom-related nature. So I made sure to go to the bathroom before we left home. Then, after two hours of eating and drinking (drinking seltzer--BOOOOORING), I made A. take me home so I wouldn't have to hang out in someone else's bathroom for like ten minutes unpinning and re-pinning while anyone else who wished to use said bathroom stood outside wondering what the hell could be taking so long in there.

So if anyone reading this was at that party last night and was wondering why we didn't stay very long? Now you know. I had to unpin myself so I could use the toilet.

And a very happy holiday to you, too!


sheila said...

Woodchuck pregnancy wardrobe?

Pat said...

OMG, you pinned them to your bra? I'm surprised you didn't snap shut when you sat down! And that you held your pee for 2 hours!

We have GoodWill stores around here and I love shopping in them!

dognutmom said...

I just recently discovered your blog. I am OCD enough to start at the beginning of a newly discovered blog and read until I catch up.

I'm not caught up yet .. it is still 2008 and you haven't dug up the potatoes yet, but I decided to come out lurkdom and comment.

LOVE this blog!! I do!!

We will be moving to WNY in the next year (unless we can put it off some more. I hate change. Plus I know everyone here and not there) and I somehow had it in my head that a few acres and an old house would be cool.

Then I discovered your blog and, now am thinking NOT!!

I am a city girl .. don't want to deal with cisterns and no dryer and no heat! So, will be VERY careful when we finally go and look at houses! Still want at least an acre though.

I already knew about no animals such as sheep and such. My two dogs are enough, thank you.

And while I like the idea of a vegetable garden, I now know to NOT plant 25 tomato plants! And rows and rows of potatoes. And mutant corn!! (although the de-kereneling with a Bundt pan looks cool)

So, here I have come out of lurkdom because I have to stop reading now and go and make some lunch for the hubby & sons who have been out shoveling the snow. That we never get here in SE PA except we did this time.

What was my point? Yes, have come out of lurkdom and it has NOTHING to do with your post today. Except ... good thinking about pinning your tights to your bra ... I did stuff like that many years ago when I was pregnant ... mostly because I was too cheap to buy maternity clothing for special events that I was never going to wear again. And the maternity clothing wasn't as cute then as it is now (20+ years ago!)

Oh, and my word verification was "tryag" ... try agriculture? But not 25 tomato plants worth of agriculture, right?

Anonymous said...

You have gotta laugh at the woodchuck pregnancy wardrobe comment. But, a girl's gotta do...

word verification 'exhthoo'

a snuffleuppagous (sp?) sneeze

Sara said...

Wow, to your bra? That sounds really uncomfortable. Were you hunched over? Yikes.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Actually, the pinned up tights weren't at all uncomfortable. I guess they were stretchy enough to begin with that the extra stretching was okay.

Also, I wouldn't use my site as an example of how most people live here. We've always been way more extreme than the general populace when it comes to things like too many animals and too much garden. As for the house . . . trust me, you will not be seeing any houses just like Blackrock. Because there are none. But it's always wise to ask about the water supply, heat source, and insulation in rural houses.

Susan said...

That's another thing about those plunging necklines. Sometimes your waitband shows.

FinnyKnits said...

You're impressive. On, like, so many levels right now.

A four dollar maternity dress - score.
A cute maternity outfit - score.
A free way to maternitize tights - score.
Leaving a Christmas party early - score.

Nicely played.