Wednesday, January 27, 2010


More than a week ago, I mentioned this little cold that was just gearing up to make me feel like shit for awhile. And I breezily predicted that the shit-phase would be "a few days," blithely ignoring that whole "compromised immune system" that comes along with pregnancy.

And that brings us to now, which is definitely more than "a few days" later.

Hello, shit-phase! I think you have been around long enough! Please take your mucous and go away. Thanks so much.

The pregnant lady who is having enough trouble sleeping without suffocating from a stuffed-up nose every night and may be getting a little cranky, thankyouverymuch


Anonymous said...

UNFAIR. One should not have to be really pregnant AND sick. I hope you are treating this affliction with plenty of rice pudding.

sweetbird said...

Rice pudding and chocolate.

And caramel.

And footrubs.

Phoo-D said...

I think you need no make that deserve another cake! Being pregnant is bad enough, a cold doesn't belong in the mix!

mdvelazquez said...

Oh, that sucks! Get well soon.