Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Talk

Things we won't talk about:

1) Nursing on a plane. Let's just say: SO NOT FUN.

2) Changing diapers on a plane. See: SO NOT FUN.

3) Changing an entire baby outfit on a plane because of the above-mentioned diaper change and GOOD LORD CHILD, what have you been eating?!

4) Budget car rental. Who said, when I called to check, that sure they have car seats! We've never run out of car seats! There will be a car seat waiting when you arrive!

There were no car seats. They don't even HAVE infant car seats. And so Enterprise wins this particular customer's loyalty.

Things we will talk about:

1) Enterprise. How I love thee and your helpful staff and infant car seats, amen.

2) The Residence Inn Marriott. Free breakfast, and not a shitty "continental breakfast" either. PLUS a free dinner buffett WITH free beer and wine! We may live here forever.

3) Hotels in general. Blessed air conditioning. And hot water. And cleaning fairies that whisk away all messes. I love you, cleaning fairies. Will you come home with me?

4) Seeing my family and introducing them to Cubby. Grandpa in particular is a BIG hit.

5) Disposable diapers. I still feel vaguely guilty using them for the trip and just throwing them away, but OH MY GOD, the lure of convenience, it is strong.


Anonymous said...

Am sure the cleaning fairies would not appreciate you washing 'real' diapers in the bathroom. :) The Marriott sounds heavenly.
Glad all went well , mainly.
You mean they don't provide a place to change a baby on an airplane? Dangitall. I guess you didn't really want to block the aisle by getting down on the floor(the only flat big place ) on the plane. AND Cubby got to'd he do? Aww , we knew the family would love 'im. Beth

Alicia said...

Infants on a plane = never a fun idea, but necessary sometimes.

Blue Gal said...

diaper changing on a plane is THE WORST. especially trying to do it in the airplane bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Flying, a necessary evil! LA&A Railroad

sweetbird said...

A hotel with free breakfast and dinner? Sign me up.

I didn't even know they did that...


funny funny funny funny funny

That charming baby is darling. What a flirt.

Mayberry Magpie said...

I have only flown with an infant once and, strangely, I don't recall changing Kate's diaper on that flight. Maybe I was in denial. Maybe Mr. Mom did it and I missed it. Maybe she held it for three hours (not).

Still, your reminder is enough to make me shiver with fear. Diapers. God I'm glad that's over. Teenage sex is so much easier to deal with.

JUST KIDDING. But you've got some more fun times ahead of you :-)

rls said...

Glad you made it safely! If the cleaning fairies decide to come home with you, will you breed some and ship them to me?

Anonymous said...

Disposable Diapers! OF COURSE. You have certainly earned them! And the airlines appreciate that you are using them.

km said...

I travelled to Ireland alone with a 10 month old reflux baby and his 5 year old brother. The kid vomitted so much and so often that the next August at JFK when we were doing the same trip a women said "didn't you fly on our flight last year. I think you did. Your baby was throwing up all the time. Yeah you did".
Yes it was memorable. Two changes of mom's tshirt (try doing that in the bathroom with an infant)later. 90 changes of the baby's clothes later Hello Ireland !!!
Yes he puked in the car on the way to Grandma's too:) Good job he's cute.