Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Official

I really DO have a giant infant.

Specifically, a 17 pound, four ounces and 26 and 3/4 inches infant. That's a really, REALLY big four-month-old, in case those numbers mean nothing to you. They mean nothing to me, too--I had to look up the percentile thing to see what the averages are. Cubby is in very high percentiles for both height and weight.

Cubby credits his delicious fists for his shocking growth.

I may need a back brace before this kid is able to walk on his own.

And speaking of porkers! I actually took a picture of the Mock Duck before baking it, but didn't feel like getting the camera, downloading the picture, and posting it yesterday. How's that for lazy? But I have it now! And it looks really gross!

Bet you kind of wish I had left it on the camera.

With that lovely image, I bid you adieu. Have a fabulous Tuesday, duckies!


Anonymous said...

Dang, Cubby! That is some spectacular growing, right there.

Sara said...

Must be the farm living. Cubby will grow up healthy and strong to do all that work on the land!

Anonymous said...

His milk supply must be hi test. Grow, Cubby grow. My kids grew like that but as soon as they became mobile their weight didn't change but they kept shooting up in height. By the time they were 2 they looked skinny and they stayed that way.

Sheila Z

Anonymous said...

I must say, Cubby doesn't lack for color in his life. :) Or nourishment either ...bet you can hardly wait till he can hill potatoes? How did the shots go? Beth

X said...

Future NBA player right there. ... And, that's not lazy at all. I'm serious. I always do that. I guess I should say it's not bad at all. Prob is lazy.

Haley said...

The mock duck looks interesting. Not much like a duck actually, except for maybe the color. It sounds interesting, and you're braver than me for trying it.