Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Almost Passed Out from Excitement

I know--I'm late posting this morning. That's because I blew this pop stand early this morning, leaving Cubby at the mercy of his father. And what did I do on my incredibly exciting Cubby-less adventure? WELL. Let me tell you! Because it really illustrates the glamor that is my life.

First I stopped at the MiL's sister's house to pick green beans. She left a message last week saying they were going on vacation and that we could pick their green beans while they were gone. That's the kind of message I like to find on our answering machine. Our green beans this year are sad and disappointing and nowhere near enough to provide the many beans I prefer to have in the freezer during the winter. So I stopped there to pick a HUGE BAG of beans, because GOOD LORD do they go crazy with the green beans. Thankfully.

Are you feeling the excitement? But wait! It gets better.

I continued on my way into the Small City, stopping next at the grocery store, where I wandered the vast aisles, buying such titillating items as gargantuan jugs of vinegar for pickling things and more canning jar lids. Plus a chocolate bar with toffee that I immediately ate when I got back in my car.

The excitement continues apace! I KNOW. It's getting all kinds of crazy now.

Next stop: the liquor store. WHEEE, MORE GIN!

And THEN I got my eyebrows waxed, which, no joke, was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip because YIKES was I overdue for that.

Last I stopped at the gas station where I spent Cubby's college fund filling my gas tank and the gas can for the lawn tractor.

And then I came home and found Cubby asleep again, which gave me time to put everything away and share the story of my fascinating morning escapades with you.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

You DID NOT get your eyebrows waxed? That was a joke , right?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

No, it was not a joke. As I mentioned.

Phoo-D said...

Hooray for getting out of the house! I too am an eyebrow waxer and always feel so much better once it is done.

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Remember that commercial for the Army a few years back? "We do more before 8 a.m. than most people do all day."

I was in the Marines at the time, so we fixed it for them: "We do more before 11:30 a.m. than most people do before lunch."

Then of course there was the Navy version: "We do more in three days in Manilla than most people do in four years at a party school."

And the Air Force: "We do more before ... oh hey, the charcoal is ready. Who's got the burgers?"

Word verification: anderyed -- the Swedish Chef trying to say "and yet"

Anonymous said...

Now, I am gonna have to find a picture and inspect your eyebrows.
;) I thought you meant THAT being the most exciting part of your day was no joke.....not the actual waxing part was no joke. That would've been the most exciting part of my day too. Beth
Drew's comment made me laugh.

word verification 'reptedic'

where reptiles look up words
I could've went the other way...but stayed clear.

Sara said...

Dude, that actually sounds like a great day off. Why? Because you got crap done! Especially the eyebrow waxing; nice. I'm a plucker myself, which takes up way more of my life than I'd like to admit.

FinnyKnits said...

Vinegar, green beans, chocolate, brow wax - ALL CRUCIAL.

Good day!

Alicia said...


Daisy said...

I'm laughing out loud because with the exception of the eyebrow waxing, I would be thrilled with this trip, too! My minivan was left almost on empty recently (growl, family, if you're going to drive it, fill it) and I nearly fainted from sticker shock at the gas station. I rarely let it get below half a tank for just that reason.