Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am of the opinion that you* shouldn't go around talking about what you should be doing, or what you meant to do. At the risk of sounding like the hackneyed Nike slogan . . . you should JUST DO IT. Which is why I was starting to annoy even myself with the jalapenos.

I've been talking about pickling jalapenos for literally months now. In fact, I bet if I tried, I could find a reference to it even on this site. (Ah yes--here we have it.) I talked about needing to do it. I talked about meaning to do it. I talked about not having done it. I did exactly the thing that irritates me the most. And then FINALLY, yesterday morning, I just did it. It took me all of an hour to prepare and can five pints of jalapenos. Probably less time than I spent talking about needing to do it. Irritating.

If I ever do this again, would you just tell me to shut up and get moving already? Thank you.

* I use "you" here in the ungrammatical, non-accusatory way, because saying "one" all the time, though correct, makes me feel like a pretentious ass.


tu mere said...

I totally agree with the pretentious ass statement in the use of one. Your dad will be proud of you for getting your jalapeno house in order. Actually, your brother's favorite snack when he comes to visit are your dad's pickled jalapenos, from your recipe of course. Based on your other commitments, I'd be inclined to give you a bit of slack on the talking about but not doing thing. Jalapenos as a daily dietary requirement - not.

Kay said...

ouch! gee thanks... guess that means I need to finish painting that wicker chair and clean my bedroom and organize the grandgirlies' toys in the basement. But not today as we are on the downhill-quickly-approaching-the-bottom side of Harvest 2010! I'll be taking photos from the combine cab. :)

Alicia said...

Mmmmm. I love food posts.

FinnyKnits said...

I'm with you on all of this because I hate the same things (whining about doing instead of *doing* and being a pretentious ass) and I find the same things to be true (actually *doing* takes way less time than talking about *doing*).

So, with that I say - good job packing your peppers.

Daisy said...

But if I tell you to get moving on a project, you'll be obligated to tell me the same thing. So.... enjoy the jalapenos. :) I flash-froze mine.