Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boom Boom

Lock up your dogs and sharpen your knives: Huntin' season has begun.

Rifle season for deer, that is. It started at sunrise this morning. It is well known that if you pronounce the "g" in "hunting," you will never get a deer. That "g" makes it easy for the deer to tell you're a pansy and not a real hunter, see. So when rifle season begins, even well-educated people with careful enunciation drop that "g" in anticipation of venison. Like us.

We also have to put Otty the Escape Artist on a leash in front of the house so she doesn't take off into the woods and get herself shot. One or more of the dogs will eventually make a break for it and find a delicious rotting deer carcass that they will then proceed to gorge themselves on and drag back to the house piece by piece (Exhibit A). But we keep them close for at least the first few days of the season, when the activity is at its peak and their likelihood of being shot is highest.

So all the dogs are locked up tight, the woods are reverberating with the echoes of rifle shots, and the deer are in mortal peril.

Yup. Must be huntin' season again.


Phoo-D said...

I wish A would come and go huntin for all the deer that go through our yard! The herd is up to at least a dozen this year. It's awful. I'm threatening to get a bow license just so I can protect my shrubbery.

Anonymous said...

Phoo-D you really don't want to see a deer die after you have shot it with a takes a while.
Good luck to A.
How many may he harvest? I know here you can get several.Beth

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

Beth: He has three tags--two doe, one buck. But they're not all for the same zones, so there would be some traveling involved to use them all. I don't think he'll have the time to hunt enough to get three deer. One would be enough. (Says the woman who doesn't particularly relish butchering deer in her shed.)

Daisy said...

Yup. Huntin' season in our neck fo the woods, too. Unfortunately, I'm the only family member who likes venison, so we never get any.

FinnyKnits said...


I love the puppies, that is obvious.

And Mia *is* such a good role model.