Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashion Ruts

Remember when I said that I'm a rut kind of person? This applies to clothing, as well.

I wear the same clothes all the time. Okay, maybe not the EXACT SAME clothes ALL the time--that would start to get gross--but the same five or six items of clothing in a never ending rotation. The flannel-lined jeans are in this rotation, as are my long underwear in the winter, but topping the list of Items of Clothing I Wear All the Damn Time is my fleece.

It's a zip-up fleece my sister brought me from a trip to Australia. It says Perth on it, because she, uh, went to Perth. I wear it all the time because A) It is an easy way to add another layer over whatever top I have on that day and B) It zips, which is very convenient because I'm still sort of nursing Cubby and need, um, access occasionally. To the, uh, milk. You know.

I'm going to stop with this subject now, because I'm too prim to talk about this without blushing at my keyboard.


So I wear this fleece pretty much every day. On the days I have to reluctantly take it off to wash it, I wear a hoodie sweatshirt, which is just about as attractive as the fleece. That is, it's not. Nothing makes you feel hotter than a fleece and flannel-lined jeans, let me tell you.

I have other clothing, obviously, but wearing it would probably make me either cold or inconvenienced, so fleece and flannel-lined jeans it is. I'm not the type to suffer for fashion. Obviously.

How about you, poppets? Is there any item of clothing you wear so much it's ridiculous?


Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! dont even get me started...i figured out that i could take almost everything in my closet to good will except for one item known only as "my bad shorts" - it would be a kindness to burn them.


if you have a sec, stop by my place.. I have something for you.
ps where is Drew?

jive turkey said...

Slippers. I will wear a pair of slippers the hell out. This year I upgraded to moccasins, and that's working better.

Rae said...

It's all about my summer shorts. Covered in paint, couple of belt loops blown out, all of the pocket buttons missing. I have to hide them when I'm not wearing them, as my guy is determined to throw them away. :)

flask said...

my outfits all pretty much include long johns.

moi said...

This old shapeless thermal. Grey, with grease AND bleach spots, buttons missing, and men's size 40x or something. Almost comes to my knees. I throw it on over my PJs when I'm cold - still hiding it from my fiance :)

Having massive troubles with Gmail and signing in today - sorry

Just Me said...

Jeans and camisole type tank tops. I have several, because I wear one of them tank tops every single day even in the winter. In the winter I just put on my hoodie over it.

And if you get one of the ones with the built in shelf bra, they are the best thing in the world for breastfeeding.

Just Me said...

Oh, and I guess, the hoodie. I wear it every day when it's cold.

tu mere said...

Jeans. Dark colored when it's cold (so these last a long time), light colored when it's warm/hot. A bit out of step with a large portion of the Arizona population, since shorts are worn absolutely everywhere, all the time, whether they're appropriate or not.

Sister’s Sailor said...

I've been flying too much recently...but that means sweatpants (cooler weather) , shorts (warmer weather), and t-shirts. I do not conform to the belief that dressing nice helps you out on planes. Comfort makes me a more "pleasant" traveler, if there is such a thing.

I probably need to get rid of some clothes, especially since there is one or two that have I been “recommended” not to wear (read: barred from wearing) by the Gabbster or Moi! Such is life.

Roger A. Post said...

I almost exclusively wear turtleneck shirts as the first layer in winter and would recommend them as part of the Blackrock fashion lineup. It is very difficult to feel warm with a cold neck! Naturally, one of several fleece jackets goes on as the next layer.

Daisy said...

I've been living in jeans and hoodies since starting my leave of absence. Comfort trumps fashion in a Wisconsin winter. And even though I bought a new hoodie for Super Bowl XLV, I still refuse to throw away the sweatshirts from Super Bowl XXXI. Nope. Don't even suggest it.

FinnyKnits said...

Oh my friend, do I hear you on this one. In the winter, I wear my black zip up hoodie pretty much constantly. It currently smells and I'm trying to decide how long to wait before washing it because that would mean that one night, after working all day in uncomfortable bullcrap, I wouldn't get to comfy up in my hoodie. You think I'd buy myself another one, but no.

In the summer, it's my khaki capris, Giants tank top and flip flops. Thankfully, I have a hundred pairs of flip flops, but I only have one pair of those capris and one Giants tank top, so sometimes I have to suffer and wear other tank tops or bottoms.

These are sad days.

And all of that was WAY too much information, but there you go.