Sunday, March 20, 2011


Luxury is all a matter of perspective. My morning so far, for instance. A couple of years ago, sleeping until 7:30 in the morning, taking a shower, and eating a breakfast I did not have to prepare and did not have to share with a small person who demands considerable attention during mealtimes* wouldn't have seemed like a luxury; it would have seemed normal. But now the new normal involves crazy-early wake-up times and non-stop caring of said small person, so that morning? Pretty damned luxurious indeed.

Thanks to A. for taking the morning shift this morning. And making crepes. He's not so bad after all.

Oh! And another lamb was born last night, which A. and Cubby discovered when they went out to check on the sheep at 6:15 this morning. Nice of Cubby to get A. up early to check on the sheep. It was totally dark and about 24 degrees, but Cubby was a brave little man and stood there in the dark, cold barn waiting for his daddy, who had to rescue the stupid lamb that had gotten stuck in the hay feeder. It was a boy.

So, current lamb count: Six--three boys, three girls. And three ewes still to deliver.

* Because the small person was back asleep, not because I was ignoring him or refusing to share or something.


Anonymous said...

Hoping that you have a similar morning tomorrow (Monday). Mary in MN

Daisy said...

Ah, the definition of luxury does change.