Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did You Hear That?

That's the starting gun, going off to signal the start of Gardening Madness 2011.

Yes, the first seeds are in the ground. I found, somewhat to my surprise, that a part of the garden was dry enough yesterday to plant lettuce. So I planted some. Also some dill and radishes, because I came across those seeds while I was looking for the lettuce seeds and why not, right?

I noticed while I was out there that the chervil is growing nicely already, and the chives are just starting to stage their comeback. The little sprouts of the fall-planted garlic and shallots are bravely poking their green heads out of the cold ground, as well.

This was all very satisfying and cheery as I was wandering around in the sunshine yesterday, enjoying the 60-degree temperature. Then I woke up to sleet this morning.

The lettuce may not sprout for awhile yet, but it's there, ready and waiting for the warmer temperatures to return. As am I.


Daisy said...

I'm impressed! I can see parts of my garden now, but there is still snow on much of the yard.

tu mere said...

60-degrees to sleet. Wow. And here I thought Tucson had crazy hot/cold swings. You win.

Robin said...

You are a brave a brave soul. I was thinking about planting some stuff in the pots and the decks, but am still too worried about a frost.

How many of your seeds make it if you plant them this early? I mean, it's got to be a substantial amount or you likely wouldn't bother - but aren't you like totally scared of the big bad frost?

/I am.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

This is just lettuce and other cold-hardy things. They won't even germinate until it gets warmer, and they can withstand some cold temperatures. I wouldn't plant anything else right now except the hardiest of the spring crops.

FinnyKnits said...


I have all my seeds and the complete garden plan ready to go in as soon as we complete the arduous task of removing the Bermudagrass and once the bees arrive.

So, sometime in the next three weeks.

Waiting is making me TWITCHY.

Meanwhile, started some fancy new type of jalapeno inside and will, with any luck, successfully transplant them in the garden so that one day I can make jalapeno poppers because I'm classy.

So excited for gardening season to be coming back around.

Good job kicking it off.