Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Winter Marches On

But not for long. There are many signs of the passage of time and the imminent arrival of real spring. Which I shall now lay out for you in a handy if somewhat trite list format. Because I'm original like that.

1) Jason is coming today to run the evaporator and make more maple syrup. But I think this might be the last time, because the nights are going to get warmer, which means the sap will stop running.

2) Snowdrops! Snowdrops everywhere! The first brave little flower of spring is all over the place, a small taste of the riot of spring flowers to come. YAY! The spring flowers are my favorite.

3) I dug up the last of the parsnips and leeks yesterday, thereby harvesting the last of last year's garden.

4) Which means it's time to start on this year's garden. As soon as the soil dries out a little more, I can plant lettuce. Tomato seeds will be started in the bathroom in just a couple of weeks. Tomato seeds that will grow into delicious, delicious tomatoes. And the full-on Tomato Crazy.

5) It's supposed to be in the fifties today. WITH SUN.

I may just pass out from spring fever and excitement.


Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey I'M tomato crazy! thanks for your comment about the gander and the reserve guy. i have to say - that one got me pretty good. of course, we are gonna GIVE him the gander. but shhh.. he might be reading my blog. when i got his note all i could think of was that country song "letters from home." ugh! now where is a tissue! i'm not crying - i have a cat hair in my eye.

tu mere said...

I'm amazed that there's still something in the garden to harvest. I would think the whole new planting idea has both its up and down side, at least it would for me. Lots of work ahead!

Daisy said...

Wild, isn't it? I still have a foot of snow on the garden plot. Well, at least it's one foot, not two, and it's melting. Melting!!