Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Dangerous Precedent

Because A. was busy trying to fence in some new pasture for his loudly protesting and apparently hungry sheep this morning, and we needed to get to the dump and the feed store before the feed store closed at noon, I volunteered to go by myself while Cubby napped. This meant I had to take the Subaru instead of the pick-up truck, because I do not drive Big Red if it can be avoided. Especially to the feed store, where I already demonstrated some pretty embarrassing (BUT TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT, THANKYOUVERYMUCH) lack of skill with the stick shift.


So I took the Subaru. I'm afraid this means that now every time Dump Day rolls around, A. will find himself to be conveniently busy and will just suggest that I take the Subaru to the dump.

It appears my awesome, can-carry-anything car does have a drawback, after all.

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Phoo-D said...

Is it sad to say I'd be happy to go to the dump if someone would watch the kid for me right now? Anything by myself sounds awesome. =)