Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday morning was warmer and rainy and the ground was covered in a very unappealing mixture of slushy snow, ice, and mud.

So of course Cubby and I had to go outside to play.  YAY.

Since it was well above freezing and the ground was quite soft, Cubby and I went into the garden for some more harvesting.  Parsnips this time, because it had occurred to me that I had not actually used a single one of the many parsnips out there and perhaps I should take advantage of the thaw to get them out of the ground without the aid of a pickax or a concrete wall and my own fit of rage.

So Cubby carried the bucket to the garden for me and placed the (ENORMOUS) parsnips in it for me as I dug them up.  Then, while he was wrestling with the bucket in an attempt to carry it out of the garden--the boy does love to lift things, just like his daddy--I decided to check the chicken nest in the hay barn in the garden for eggs.  There were two.

I grabbed the eggs and went back to Cubby, who was flat on the ground, having tripped on the hose in his way.  So I stuck the eggs in my coat pocket, hauled him up, got the scattered parsnips back in the dropped bucket, and went back to the house.

Can you guess what I found in my pocket when I reached in to take the eggs out?  Bet you can.

Yup.  One of the eggs had broken, coating my pocket in an exceedingly disgusting ooze of yolk and egg white. This is not something you want to feel unexpectedly with your hand, trust me.

It meant that I had to wash my coat.  Although, considering the bottom part of said coat was already muddy from my previous harvesting experience and every item of Cubby's outdoor apparel was coated in mud, it wasn't too difficult to make up a full load of dirty outdoor wear.

So that was yesterday.


Phoo-D said...

Some days you just can't win! (Though the parsnips are a happy thing for sure.)

Anonymous said...

If your life was perfect....what would you blog about...I don't bother with PW....she isn't real.
Kristin/ Blackrock....keepin' it real. Thanks for that. Beth

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the feeling of needing to do laundry

sheila said...

a case of don't count your eggs before you eat them

mil said...

I'm wondering if Mia licked out the pocket --

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Totally did the same thing. Broke an egg in the pocket of my sweat pants.

Completely disgusting.