Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Not Packing Away the Winter Coats Yet. Or Maybe Ever.

Really now, Mama N.  What in the hell were you playing at today?

Oh, Mama.  You so very, very crazy.

It was 80 degrees on March 22, and then today--which was, to refresh your memory in case it's as shoddy as mine is these days, April 23--we got two inches of snow.  Which stuck.  And actually continued intermittently all day.

That big low bush you see in the corner of the shed in that photo?  That's a lilac.  It was all set to burst into bloom any second.  And then it got crushed under the weight of the snow.  The sad and paltry collection of wood you see in the foreground is all that remains of the woodpile, which you best believe is being depleted at this very moment.

The temperature didn't actually get too terribly cold--I think it got to just at or right below freezing-- so I don't think there will be any lasting damage to any of the plants in the garden at the moment.  But I'm hereby putting that Mama N. on notice.  She can't be trusted.  Obviously.


flask said...

where the hell are you?

coz i live in north central vermont, which usually shares weather temporally proximal with upstate ny, unless by "city girl" you mean you are not from *a* city but *the* city, in which case everything out of reach of public transit in manhattan is considered upstate so you could be in freakin' BUFFALO, which is so far out that it might as well be ohio but not very "up".

when i think upstate, i think ogdenburg, which has weather kinda like mine.

sheila said...

6 inches here and the lilacs are damaged enough that I'm going to have to cut the one next to the house way back. Power was out a few hours today too. I'm near Ithaca.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Jeez. What the hell IS going on?

Oh, yeah. Burning fossil fuels willy-nilly and half the world still getting their energy from COAL.

I hope the lilac makes it. I have a giant one in my backyard and it's SO pretty blooming out this year!

Anonymous said...

Woke up to the same thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

The weather records that have been recorded by weather services are very interesting reading. You will see there has always been odd weather. It is just more reported and we are old enough to pay attention to it now. Beth

flask said...

ok, now it's snowing here, which cast some doubt on whether i'll go for my run this afternoon.

huh. go figger.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

We don't live as far west as Buffalo (which I think got ten inches of snow, so THANK GOD I don't live near Buffalo), but certainly not as far east as anywhere near the Vermont border. We're central.

FinnyKnits said...

Oh the poor dear lilac - that would piss me right off.

Not that there's much you can do about the snow.

Unless you want to be out there putting a tent over the lilac and blow drying its leaves to keep them warm.

But no, because that's *too* crazy - even for this kind of nonsense.

Come ON spring. Just be here.