Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And Now Q&A for a Lazy . . . Tuesday?

Okay, maybe I should just admit that I'm lazy ALL the time, and if you give me an easy out, I will take it.  Nothing of any great note has been happening in the past couple of days because of the amazingly shitty weather (snow, rain, ice pellets, non-stop wind) that has kept us all cooped up inside.  Also, there is more sickness.  The MiL has sadly come down with the Cold from Hell and just as Cubby was getting better, he caught another goddamn cold and so began the cycle of snot and coughing anew.  My reaction to this was much silent profanity.

So not so much with the fun and entertaining lately.  Therefore, let's get to some questions, shall we?

1) How is the potty training going?  Why, I'm so glad you inquired! I just LOVE lavishing even more attention on my son's bodily functions!  Actually, it's good.  He doesn't have accidents much anymore, maybe once a week.  He isn't wearing a diaper at all for naps and in fact hasn't peed in his nighttime diaper in about two weeks.  On the downside, the kid STILL will not tell me when he needs to go, and if I ask if he needs to, he ALWAYS says no.  But since I spend much of my own time in the bathroom anyway, I just haul him in there with me and he goes regularly despite himself.

2) How is the pregnancy going? No problems, other than the run-of-the-mill ones for every pregnancy ever.  That is, I have officially entered the third trimester, which is unofficially known as the trimester in which everything gets awkward and uncomfortable.  Everything.  Sleeping, eating, lying on my back, sitting down, getting up, putting on shoes.  It's way fun.  And still three months to go!  Yee haw.

3) How is the nap/no nap going?  The no-nap phase was mercifully short (although even two days seems like WAY TOO LONG with a tired and pissed off toddler to deal with) and he's back to sleeping about an hour and a half to two hours a day for his naps.  Yesterday, when I had to go to the doctor and left A. with a napping Cubby, that kid slept over three hours.  Lucky A.  But that was only because Cubby is sick.  Anyway, he's taking good naps, which makes for much more happiness all around.

That's all for now.  Maybe something of note will happen tomorrow, but in case it doesn't, any more questions for me?  I'm digging this Q&A stuff.


Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I didn't know you were so far along in pregnancy! That's crazy.

I took picture of my ever expanding belly and now when I look at them I just shiver. Who knew our bodies could get that...rotund.

I need to follow your potty training regimen. I have to admit I am not even doing it for the giant headache I anticipate will accompany it...

Chris said...

Okay, since we're doing Q & A, I have one for you. Did you have to train the dogs to not go after the chickens, or do they just seem to "get it" on their own?