Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Many Faces of 70 Degrees

When it comes to weather, the number indicating the temperature is so very misleading.

Take 70 degrees, for example.  When it's sunny and dry outside during the day, 70 degrees as a high temperature feels lovely.  A little too warm in the sun, maybe, but perfectly comfortable.  Especially if there's a breeze.

But at night, when sticky humidity has descended, 70 degrees as a low temperature feels disgusting. Because 70 degrees outside means 85 degrees in our bedroom. Which means roaring fans, a mostly-ineffective desperation wet washcloth on the neck, and no sleep.

Well, for me, anyway. A. seems to have no trouble.

Thankfully, this weather is supposed to break tomorrow and we'll get back to high pressure and good sleeping weather.  None too soon.


Anonymous said...

We are getting the storms right now that will bring coolness your way.
Somewhere down the road you may want to invest in a dedicated breaker box with the capacity to allow you air conditioning. It really wouldn't cost that much .
It will add on to your monthly bill for the electricity..but we have a window unit that cools the house and it costs about 1 dollar a day and we have high kw hour rates.
Comfort is premium during baby incubation. :)
One downside, you may not want to go outside as much. But, you don't need to run it continuosly. Just get the humidity out of the house and that should help a lot.
Oh, and some window units you can plug right in to a regular outlet.

Sorry for the book. But, I hate the heat and humidity. And you may be needlessly suffering. Beth

Anonymous said...

I remember talkling to a woman walking her dog in England when it was 75 and humid. She tutted and cooed at her little dog and said, "He suffers so in the heat." ever since, I have considered the seventies to be "hot weather."

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

We were just talking about this on another blog, but have you even hung damp sheets across the doorways and windows? If you have fans blowing to move the air, it really does help.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I just got caught up on all your posts! NOT good about the weather - it gets more and more schizophrenic every year and we don't have meds to treat this kind of crazy.

But just think - in two months, you won't even be trying to sleep. You'll just be up basking in the glory that is a newborn baby boy. And nature sets us ladies up to withstand chronic sleeplessness better than men.

As yet another sterling example of why chicks rule.

Anonymous said...

It's actually too cool in Minnesota. Will try to send it your way! Mary

FinnyKnits said...

Dude. It was SNOWING in Tahoe this weekend. SNOWING. IN MAY.


Meanwhile, now it's 90 in the Bay Area and all is WOE in our household because of the heat. Even though it's not nearly the sticky mess you guys have.

I predict I will be sleeping with a water bottle under my arm for the duration.

Do you ever do that? Even a water bottle filled with room temp water cools me down a lot when it's pressed against that big artery in your armpit.

Wow. That paints a picture.

Cool thoughts...