Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It was 75 degrees at 6:30 this morning. That is not right or pleasant and it did not make for much cheer among the Family Blackrock.  A.'s office is upstairs.  Where all the heat goes.  His exact words were, "It feels like a room you would use to season wood."

I presume he was referring to a kiln or something.  Anyway.  Point taken.  It was hot.  So he announced that he couldn't work all day up there and the family would be taking an outing to someplace that had air conditioning.  Which for us means the farm store, the library in the Not-As-Small-City, and then a Korean restaurant*.

But due to the library's hours, we had to wait until after Cubby's noon nap.  So A. worked in his kiln/office in the morning and I took Cubby outside for all of an hour before giving it up and dragging him back inside for ice water and some nice sticky snuggling time of reading books on the couch.

Down-filled couches are not very comfy in an un-air-conditioned home in the summer.  Unsurprisingly.

Then I put Cubby to bed in his also upstairs and therefore broiling bedroom and spent about 45 minutes sweating upstairs in sympathy with him and A. as I continued the arduous process of clearing out all the junk in the former study (currently The Room of Accumulation) in preparation for moving Cubby in there before his baby brother arrives and commandeers the room adjoining ours that Cubby has slept in for his entire 2+ years.

I really hope this works without too much drama.  I also really hope I can refrain from writing another sentence that runs to a full paragraph.  Yikes.

And THEN, after all that, we left the house for our outing to escape the heat.  And OF COURSE, we drove right through an enormous thunderstorm that cooled the air from 87 degrees to 67 degrees in a matter of about five minutes.

Oh, Mama N.  You so funny.

It was fun anyway, though.  And I promise this will be the last discussion we will be having about the weather for awhile.

* Except it actually ended up being a pizza place that also served Salvadoran food.  It was pouring rain and we didn't want to walk the quarter mile from the library to the Korean place.  Cubby does enjoy his tamales, though, so it worked out.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, what did you have Salvadoran?
It is cooler yet today here and less humid.Beth

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Tamales, carne seguido, yellow rice, black beans.