Friday, June 22, 2012

In Lieu of Air Conditioning

If you have no air conditioning and experience two days of temperatures well into the 90s with humidity that results in a "Real Feel" of 100 degrees, it really helps to have a lake.  With private beach, if possible.  And a dock.

That little speck at the end of the dock is Cubby, of course, with a watchful A. in the foreground. 

You'll just have to imagine me floating in the water there near the dock, which is exactly what I did for an hour or so both days.  Our particular spot on the lake is nice because the depth is no more than a couple of feet for quite a distance out, so Cubby can walk around without fear.  Though he still prefers to have a hand on the dock at all times.

Too bad I couldn't sleep in the lake, because nothing was going to result in sleep when the bedroom was 90 degrees.  I'm really, really tired now.  But tonight is supposed to be much better, so I have great hopes of a good night's sleep.  Well, as good as it gets when eight months pregnant.

Oh, and an update on the Great Ice Cream Disappointment.  I called Perry's (which is a very nice, family-run business located in upstate New York) and told them of my cookie-less Cookies and Cream.  A coupon for a free container of ice cream is even now on its way to me.  Which I will, of course, use for White Lightning, NOT Cookies and Cream, because that wasn't even what I wanted in the first place.  

But the heat advisory is over now, so the need for ice cream (and the lake) is not so urgent.  


Anonymous said...

Cousin Ethan here. Sure appreciate you posting these stories, reminds me of the good old days on the lake. My kids got to swim in "Lick Creek" yesterday (here in TN). Tell all hello.

Anonymous said...

I was telling the hubs here about your heat problem and sleeping and he says...well I guess she will have to sleep in the pit of doom (despair) or in the lake.

Though sleeping in the lake sounds dicey to me.

It really is nice you have lake frontage for a quick dip...that at least cools you down all over.
Beth :)

Sara said...

I love that you called to complain and got a coupon in return! Just like my grandmother, who also loves Perry's ice cream!

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I would give perhaps half a pinkie to live near a lake. Right now I live near a fireworks stand and meth house.

It's a tie as to which one is the most awesome.

Also. I want some of that ice cream!