Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Fun

A. and I went into the Small City yesterday for a few hours to run some very boring errands.  We left Cubby at home with Grandma.  When we got home, I found this:

At least we know he was well-fed.

Nice to know someone is enjoying the mulberries, anyway.

He has also been very busy fixing Daddy's truck:

Too bad the problem is actually with the transmission, not the tire.

Meanwhile, Daddy has been enjoying the view from the roof:

Okay, maybe not so much "enjoying the view" as "sweating his life force out in the sun and trying not to fall off the roof."  Same thing.

And what have I been doing?  Watching my feet and ankles swell.  Yes, I have become a hobbling cliche of a massively pregnant woman in the summer.  I did not take pictures of that, however.  You are welcome.

The only way to avoid the swelling is to put my feet up.  Guess how often that happens in the course of a day.  Right.  Pretty much not.  Ever.

No matter, though.  Today is July 1.  We'll have a baby this month, one way or another.  And then my feet can get back to normal while the rest of me falls apart.


Joellen said...

So sorry that you are so uncomfortable. I remember those days, mine are 19 and 14.

That picture of Cubby is so cute! I think he is the cutest boy I have seen since my sons. As a mom of two boys it almost makes me want another. Since I turn 43 on Friday, I think I will have to resist the urge.

I hope you are as comfortable as possible in the remaining month. I live in an 1875 house in Alabama with the original windows, and although I have central air I cannot afford the electric bill to keep the house at 72 degrees. My thermostat is set at 80. Who in Alabama sets a thermostat at 80? So I can totally sympathise withyou.

Anonymous said...

How to keep Cubby busy.....offer him food or offer him a tool. :)

He is going to be great help when he gets older.

9 months of discomfort each for a life full of Cubby and Precious Cargo!

Phoo-D said...

Cubby is so adorable. I hope you buy stock in Oxy Clean! It is my only solution to berries, blood, grass, and everything else kids manage to get all over any fabric nearby! Poor A, he looks so very high up there!

Daisy said...

Baby! This is a tough time, definitely. I'm sending good vibes and hopefully cooler temps in your general direction.

FinnyKnits said...

Ah, re-roofing in the summer's heat. Why is it that we don't save this task for fall, when it's cool outside? Bubba was found re-roofing our garage in midsummer when it was 109 degrees outside.

109. In California.


Also - GO BABY GO! Mama needs her cocktails. Eventually. Also, her ankles back.