Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Best Hostess Gift Ever

You will forgive my silence here, I am sure, when I tell you that my sister and her family arrived on Sunday for a brief visit that ended today. My sister is a frequent visitor to Blackrock--although, considering her activities during previous visits, I really can't imagine why--but her husband and daughter have never had the dubious pleasure of a visit to our lakeside estate*.

They made themselves immediately popular, however, by showing up with a cooler of food.  Specifically, three pounds of carne asada, a dozen green corn tamales, and salsa from their favorite Mexican restaurant.  Well then!  Come on in!  And come back anytime!

In return, I sent them home with three quarts of pears (for my sister), a quart of pickled jalapenos (for my brother-in-law), a pint of strawberry-rhubarb jam (for my niece), and about a quart of pesto (for all three of them and fifty of their closest friends), the last of which they helped me make.

I'm not sure it was a fair trade on my end, but all parties seemed pleased with the arrangement.

* The only labor I required of them was harvesting tomatoes and stripping basil branches for me.  So maybe they'll actually come back.  My niece also spent much of her time playing with Cubby, which was just about the best thing ever.  He already misses his fun cousin.  Adults are so boring.

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Anonymous said...

Family visits are great. Especially when they really do make themselves at home and help out. Beth