Friday, September 7, 2012

Going for Good Enough

My standards are slipping lately.  This is solely because I have not enough time or sleep and entirely too-awake children.  Charlie is still up every three or four hours at night.  Cubby is still resisting sleep both for naps and bedtime.  Sometimes he skips his nap.  Sometimes it takes an hour of drama to get him to sleep at night.  Sometimes I want to do a runner and not come back for a week or so.

But since that's not really an option, the following are a few things on which I have conceded defeat:

1) Bribery.  Specifically of the "Finish your dinner and you can have a ginger snap" variety.  This has been standard for parents for time immemorial, I know, but was never necessary before with Cubby.  Now?  Now I just want that kid to have some food in his stomach to stave off the "You're* hungry!" announcement during the bedtime battle.

2) Screen time.  Oh, how I hate that phrase.  You know what it means, right?  The hours of television or computer time a child has in a day.  I tried pretty hard to limit that for a really long time, and it's still quite limited, but now I am SO RELIEVED when Cubby consents to sit down and watch "Curious George" for half an hour.  Because that is a half hour in which I only have to deal with the baby and not baby+toddler.  And so I am grateful to that annoying little monkey cartoon for that half an hour.  Also, these DVDs my mom sent with episodes all about car wreckers and sawmills and other machine things are pretty much Cubby's favorite thing ever and THANK YOU, Nana, for the guaranteed distraction.

3) Disposable diapers. We never had to use these when Cubby was a baby, but for some reason, the only thing that usually keeps Charlie dry at night is a disposable diaper WITH a cloth diaper cover over the top. I tried every combination possible and everything else results in a soaking-wet and awake baby.  And I do not need that baby awake any more than he already is.  I hate having to pay for diapers and I hate having to take them to the dump, but I hate being awake all night even more.

4) Monotonous food.  We've been eating a lot of hamburgers and omelets lately. Because they are fast and easy and don't require prior planning.  I'm pretty tired of hamburgers, but then, I'm pretty tired in general.

5) Personal appearance.  As I was sitting on the couch last night with Charlie, listening to A. wage the Cubby bedtime battle upstairs, the MiL remarked that the soles of my feet--visible because I had my feet up on the coffee table--were looking pretty rough.  I had to laugh at that, because that is the LEAST of my concerns when it comes to my appearance.  My sartorial choices these days are based entirely on what is cool enough and easy to nurse in.  Which is why I am currently wearing one of A.'s shirts over a nursing tank top that is way past its prime.  It is not a good look, but I really don't care.

Sometimes good enough is all you can hope for.

* His pronouns are still hit or miss.


sheila said...

I feel for you. Two years apart is a killer. Both are still really babies. The two yr old is still not really old enough to reason with. Been there done that and still remember the exhaustion 30 years later. Take any break anyone can give you. You need to recharge your physical and emotional batteries.... you will enjoy their babyhood so much more with a some sleep now and then.

Anonymous said...

Surely the MiL was offering to give you a pedicure! Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

I can only say I am sorry you are so tired. :(
I wish you a sleep fairy..who would help with the naps, sleeping all night and you being able to sleep. I wonder where I could order you one? The Fairy Catalog maybe? I will ask MY housecleaning fairy if she can recommend one.
Wait, you have never heard of a housecleaning fairy? Well, hmmph, I'll ask her anyway.
She says there are several fine sleeping fairies up your way. Should I send you their names?
Wait, they have already heard of you and are on their decide which one to use.
Don't forget fairies take payment in dew drops and sunbeams.
I hope like heck you are at least smiling by now. Beth

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I'm so sorry that the tiredness is making everything else suck.

It just blows and I send you hugs over the miles.

It'll end, you'll get through it, blah blah blah.

And it just BLOWS.

Joan @ Debt of Gratitude said...

Hey Kristin -- I left you some love at Debt of Gratitude today. You can bask in the praise or share the meme -- your choice. Either way, I think you're great!