Thursday, September 6, 2012

He's Worse Than the Dogs

I was outside picking up bits and pieces of shingles this morning* while Cubby wandered around on the lawn  outside the kitchen door when I heard, "That's something gross."

These are not words you want to hear from the mouth of your two-year-old.  Especially when that two-year-old is coming towards you with something in his hands.  When he got close enough, I identified it.

It was a dead mouse with its head chewed off.


I immediately told him to drop it, of course.  Then I herded him inside to wash his hands, in the meantime explaining that it's really not a good idea to pick up dead animals with your hands.

And now, to get the image of a toddler running around with a headless mouse out of your head, I will leave you with this:

Smiling babies make everything better.

* Remnants of the roofing job that is THANK GOD FINALLY done.  Yay for A.!


sheila said...

Cubby is my kind of kid!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to come here and explain to my puppy why it's not a good idea to pick up dead things with his mouth? Mary in MN

Sherry said...

One thing for sure, life at your house is not boring!

Roger A. Post said...

Little Charlie looks like he is high on milk this morning!

Daisy said...

Happy babies!

Cubby obviously hasn't heard about the bubonic plague case in Colorado, transmitted to the young girl when she buried a dead squirrel. Cubby, on the other hand, might be immune to all things bacterial.