Monday, October 1, 2012

An Improvement

By 11:30 yesterday morning, Cubby was down for his nap, Charlie was asleep, and A. was just waking up from his antihistamine-induced coma.  Without hives, thankfully.  Cubby woke up from his nap a little too early, and neither A. nor I was looking forward to a rainy afternoon trapped in the house with our two bedevilers.  So when A. offered to take Cubby into the Small City for a late lunch at the Chinese buffet, I actually said Charlie and I would go too.

I don't really like buffets, since quality takes a definite backseat to quantity.  But I was not about to stay at home with the baby and have to find something for dinner.  So I packed a still-sleeping Charlie into the car and away to the buffet we went.  

A. and Cubby love the buffet.  A. because he can eat insane amounts of protein for a low price, and Cubby because of the variety.  Crab!  Shrimp!  Chicken!  Broccoli!  Green beans!  Potatoes!  Sushi rolls!  Plus pudding AND Jell-O AND a cookie!

It's pretty much Cubby's idea of food heaven.

Charlie slept the whole time, so even though I wasn't too enthused about the food, I was VERY enthused about getting to eat ANY food without dealing with a baby.

Then, since we were on a roll with the happy times, we went to our local Huge Outdoor Store so Cubby could look at fish and guns and all kinds of fun outdoor stuff.  And then we went into the attached mall, where he raced around like a maniac and played around the arcade.

So it was good.  We'll end on the positive note here, and just ignore the dead sheep A. had to dispose of before we left and the fact that when we got home we were out of water and A. had to spend an hour in the driving rain fixing the water pump.  Forget all that.  Yesterday was okay after all.

This is a photo from a few weeks ago, but whatever. Besides a larger baby and more layers, not much has changed.


Anonymous said...

Hoooooeeeey. Child rearing is definitely not for the whimpy.. :) Beth

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

I must be a bad person. As happy as I am that you had a better day, I found the previous post more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Heh, isn't it about time to have some pictures of YOU--holding the baby and entertaining Cubby?

FinnyKnits said...

Hey, A.'s smiling, so that's a new one!

I sorta think that after working in the driving rain, he *may* not have been smiling quite so much.

Still - good day. 'Nuff said.