Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Career Planning

Isn't it funny how people start predicting a child's career before that child can even successfully use a toilet by himself?  For awhile, A. thought Cubby should be a sailor, although lately he's leaning towards astronaut.  Many people have said Cubby will be an engineer when he's all grown up, based on his unnatural affinity for tools.  Personally, I think he should be a host for a home improvement show.

He already evidences all the necessary traits.  Freaky obsession with tools?  Yup.  Incredible physical attractiveness?  Yup.  Continuous and occasionally irritating stream of patter explaining his every action to the poor schlub who obviously doesn't know a monkey wrench from an allen wrench (that's usually me at this stage of his life)? Definitely.  The kid's obviously got a calling.

Allow me to present Tool Time with Cubby.  Episode One: Replacing Rotted Siding.

You can see the siding on this board addition circa 1923 has been sadly rotted out by moisture.  Two boards have been removed (revealing some really nice mouse nests underneath WHEE!).  It's important to check the remaining boards for soundness by pressing on them with your hand.

This particular board has been deemed sound and will remain.  As Cubby will explain very earnestly.

But it's always good to make doubly sure by pounding it with a rubber mallet.  Since that's the only tool his lame Mommy will let him play with.  When he's big, he's going to use the power drill and you can't stop him.

I really should get a video camera.  I could totally film a pilot episode now.


Anonymous said...

Yes, then they will be able to run it at the beginning and end of each episode to show how he started his career, practically in the womb. Beth

tu mere said...

I like it. Cubby's certainly gaining experience for your career pick. How about you become one of those pushy child star mom's to get him started early.

Just finished reading all the previous blogs. Wow. You rock to stay so stable and upbeat, knowing that each day you're going to be hit with extraordinarily unsettling somethings, usually with your first morning blink. Wish we were there to lighten your load!

tu mere said...

Oops. Spaced on the "mom's" entry. I know better than to do that when writing to an English major / proof reader.

Anonymous said...

OK, in my task of identifying the various dogs who appear in the photos, I think that I recognize Mia's butt in one. Mary in MN

Phoo-D said...

I think he'll have more job opportunities hosting a home improvement show than as an astronaut! He'd be perfect for it. =)