Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All Grown Up

Big day today for Charlie: It's his first time going fishing with Mr. Jason in his boat. Although Charlie has been billing himself as a big boy for some time now (and getting increasingly irritable and insistent in correcting those people--mostly Cubby--who still call him a baby), I think you can't really call yourself a big boy in this family until you go fishing on Mr. Jason's boat.

So Mr. Jason's boat is currently filled with A., Cubby, and Charlie. God help Mr. Jason.

And I am currently sitting in an empty, quiet house, gestating the next boy who will be demanding to go "FEE" ("fish" in Charlie-speak) with Mr. Jason in a few years.

Lucky Mr. Jason. And lucky me.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your quiet. Thank you to Mr Jason for providing even a brief respite.


Anonymous said...

Hope that everyone catches a "FEE." Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Ditto the first two seniments Beth