Monday, January 5, 2015

A Terrifying Trio

You know what the most common reaction is when people find out I have three boys under five years old? "Wow! You're a busy lady!"


The unspoken thought, I'm sure, is more like, "You CRRAAAAZZZYYYY."

The funny thing is, I am not in the least daunted by my three sons at the ages they are now. At least, not most of the time. You know what I find daunting? In thirteen years, I'm going to have a thirteen-year-old, a fifteen-year-old, and a seventeen-year-old. Three teenage boys in one house? Now THAT is crazy.

Let's just revel in this for now, 'kay? 


Joellen said...

Your boys are beautiful. You better start planning a garden expansion now. When they reach about 14 they will eat you out of house and home.

Sherry said...

Such a cute picture. Enjoy them now. Far too soon, it will be, "Hey, Dad, I need the car tonight!"

Anonymous said...

Slade (husband) has four sons very close in age. He kept them in sports, which lessened the chaos in the house. (And, one went on to play professional football!). Mary in MN

sheila said...

Oh the food they will eat!

Dr Seuss should have written that book.

When did #2 son turn into such a cutie? He sure seems to be enjoying being a big brother and not the baby anymore.

tu mere said...

How did you manage all those smiles, except for Jack of course. That's a keeper and one for me to put up on the wall!

Anonymous said...

Those children are adorable. I think 3 kids younger than 5, regardless of whether they are boys or girls, is scary. Kudos to you for tackling it!

FinnyKnits said...

Start stocking the pantry NOW. And congrats, crazy lady.