Thursday, January 1, 2015

Smells Like Roux--Must Be New Year's Day

I have wealth and happiness simmering on the stove at this very moment, with health (another piece of an enormous pork loin, because the MiL was once again in charge of pork procurement, and she goes big) ready to put in the oven in a couple of hours. I get very sentimental making this traditional meal every year, imagining my far-away family--mother in Tucson, brother in Phoenix, sister in Jacksonville, Florida--making the same thing at the same time.

Though I suspect they didn't use lard to make their roux. Or half-frozen and indestructible volunteer kale from their gardens for their greens. So I've adapted it a little to my environment and particular kitchen, but the tradition remains unbroken.

Also, although my sister has admitted that she uses canned black-eyed peas now, my mother certainly never did. Not sure about my brother. But if he does he's in good company, because I have gone over to the canned dark side, with no shame at all.

Happy New Year, my lovelies. I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness this year, no matter what you cook for dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Dried black eyes peas turning into bacon-y awesomeness on the stove right now, thank-you-very-much.

But our "greens" ARE asparagus. Hey, green is green and I have to cater somewhat to household tastes. A bit of a fail tho.

Happy New Years sis!

tu mere said...

Don't know how I missed this post. Must have been bad karma, based on your revelation about canned beans. And not just one, but both daughters. Shocking.

Actually, I've begun to rely on canned beans here of late just for the convenience factor. We eat a lot more beans that way. However, since I cook black eyed peas only once per year (don't know why, it just is), it's just as easy to fix them along with the mustard greens, which take time as well. Anyway you get them is good!

Yep, traditions are certainly grand! Thanks Duchess.