Sunday, February 1, 2015

Confused Snowbirds

Anyone from the warmer states knows what snowbirds are--retired people who spend the summer in their frigid home states, but relocate to the warmer states to escape nasty winter weather.

My parents got it backwards.

They arrived from Arizona yesterday for a short visit, just in time for temperatures below zero and about a foot of snow. Basically the weather that every retired person ever tries to avoid by moving to Arizona.

At this very moment, they are hiking up the gully with A. and the older boys in search of a dead black cherry tree covered in burls that A. is going to cut down so my dad the carpenter extraordinaire can have the burls to make bowls and things. The storm that is supposed to bring us the foot of snow has begun and it's snowing pretty hard right now.

I suppose all visitors to Blackrock are aware that they're not in for a typical vacation. But at least there are no animal carcasses. Or manure. Maybe seven degrees below zero isn't so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun! The end of this week, we are going south---to Rochester, MN, where they have even more snow. Go figure! Have fun with your parents. Mary in MN

Roger A. Post said...

It is so much fun when Black Rock is colder than a Fairbanks hilltop!

tu mere said...

Just to keep you honest - there were animal parts around the house that the dogs visited every so often. However, the snow muted the impact of deer feet, ribs, etc. just lying around waiting to be consumed.

Some things just are, like having an awesome time trudging behind a little almost three body methodically making his way home with cold hands and tiny legs, or the older Cubby explaining the wilderness to me and actually getting hot during the walk. I'd be out in a blizzard to experience that one any day! Priceless.

Can't wait for number three to be joining us.

Daisy said...

It's all relative. Stay warm and safe, all of you.