Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eight Years and 2,051 Posts Later . . .

I started this blog eight years ago today. That's a long time ago, man. And 2,051 posts is a lot of damn words.

I should have something more profound to say about that, but Jack was up a lot last night with a cold and then Cubby was wandering around at 5:30 a.m. because his skin was dry and he needed lotion and Charlie was wailing to be covered back up and . . . well. I'm tired. And I guess I just don't have much profundity on tap this morning*.

So we'll just leave it at this: Happy eight years to Going Country. Long may it prosper.

* I suppose that little glimpse into my morning is as good an example as any of how my life has changed in the past eight years. You want to not recognize your life in a few years? Have multiple kids. Works every time.


Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

And I am among many who love your blog and are very happy you started and continue to maintain it!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have been faithfully enchanted by the blog since the very beginning and hope that you go on another 8 years at least. Mary in MN

Susan said...

Here's to another 8 years!!

tu mere said...

I'm really impressed that you remembered, and took the time to count - or may be the blog does that for you - I wouldn't know.

Anyway, it's been and will continue to be much appreciated.

FinnyKnits said...


8 years, huh?

I mean, totally congrats because that's completely awesome and admirable, but whoa...8 years is a long time.


No, that can't be right. We're still recent NAU grads out making our way in the world and the growing up will happen LATER.


Happy 8, sister.