Friday, March 27, 2015


At 8:30 this morning, Charlie was ready to go outside, Cubby was refusing to go outside, and I really, really wanted them out already. For all of our sakes.

So I started to get Charlie dressed in his outdoor apparel, announcing loudly enough for Cubby to hear from the other room, "Well, Charlie, I guess you can have Cubby's spear then."

"Jah!" said Charlie enthusiastically.

Cue pounding feet in the living room and shrieks from Cubby of, "NO! That's MY spear! Don't let him go out until I'm dressed, too!"

Bingo. Have fun, kids.


tu mere said...

Awesome. I can actually hear the conversation. There are pluses to being intimately involved in your children's lives, which also gives you intimate knowledge of which buttons to push. Right on, mom.

Daisy said...

You're learning! Don't worry about those brain cells; you can outwit your young boys any day of the week.