Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Can Sit! Progress!

I'm not sure if the acupuncture gets the credit for the fact that I can sit upright today and even walk up stairs while hauling my back-breaking infant, but it certainly didn't hurt. I mean, I got a whole hour lying down without any children to worry about, so, you know, how bad could it be?

Plus, the acupuncturist's office is in this big building in the Small City that also houses the offices of many attorneys, one of whom A. went to sit with and talk to while he was watching Jack during my needle adventure. So when I was done and went to find A. and Jack, I was treated to the sight of three be-suited lawyers in a fancy lawyer's office having a serious lawyer discussion . . . with a barefoot infant in attendance.

It was funny.

Plusplus, the acupuncturist gave me these camphor patches to put on my back to ease the muscle, and she informed me that they have pulverized cockroaches in them. The reason that cockroaches are supposed in Chinese medicine to be beneficial for this sort of thing sounded kind of sketchy to me, but I do enjoy referring to my cockroach patches.

Anyway. I can move better today, albeit slowly and carefully, so I have high hopes that by this weekend I'll be able to stand from a low chair without shooting pain in my back. Small steps.


Anonymous said...

Ow. Yay but ow.
So glad you are better!

Joellen said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Daisy said...

Progress is good. I hope your healing continues!