Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Parenting from the Prone Position

Things you can do with kids while flat on your back thanks to a suddenly pulled lower back muscle:

With an infant: Sing songs, make stupid noises, flap his arms with yours, let him chew on your fingers.

With a three-year-old: Sing songs, play Simon Says, encourage him to turn on the keyboard and dance to the music, let him play with the infant.

With a five-year-old: Tell him he has to do everything himself.

With the other adults in the house: Beg for help.

I'm going to see an acupuncturist this afternoon, which I have never done before and which I devoutly hope will make me at least semi-mobile. Because despite all the things I've found to do with my children while I'm crippled and stuck lying on the couch, the reality is that I can't do much of what I need to do. At least not without a lot of pain.

Wish me luck. And cross your fingers for me that the needles work.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed! Mary in MN

Andra said...

Hope it works!

Joellen said...

I hope it helps and you make a speedy recovery.

tu mere said...

Oh my. I totally empathize, and can remember the pain and immobility it causes. Ouch! Hope only one session will work; acupuncture is a really good choice. Seems you're committed to continually changing out your painful conditions.