Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's the Journey, Not the Destination

A. took the day off of work today, which of course means Fun Daddy Day for the small children. And that, also of course, means fishing.

I mean, what else do you do with Fun Daddy?

A. was going to go all the way (ten miles) to the general store that sells live bait, and I was all, "You need worms? It's been raining for five days. We have worms."

And then me and my big mouth spent the next half hour lifting heavy rocks and gross old rotting logs so the kids could pull nightcrawlers out of the ground.

We also found a lot of ants and way too many slugs.

The things I do for these children.

After a sufficient quantity of bait had been collected, the whoooole happy family loaded up and went to the village dock for some fishing. At least, A., Cubby, and Charlie fished. Jack and I sat at a picnic table listening to the village maintenance guy mowing the grass around us.

Big downside to summer: the omnipresent combustion engine and its roaring noise. Loud engines, I hate you.


The lake was too muddy from all the rain for really good fishing, but A. caught a few bluegills and Cubby caught a goby all by his ownself. Cubby and Charlie are even now setting up the goby's "habitat," by which I mean they're chucking rocks into the metal container outside that will be his home (and eventually his grave, as all gobies die in captivity).

Fun Daddy Day, indeed.

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Daisy said...

Worms! It's not just a boy thing. My daughter used to stop and pick up worms that were on the sidewalk and deposit them on the grass or ground, whatever was nearby. It took forever to get from the car into day care on a rainy day. And the slugs? At age 4 she came in from the garden describing a little critter and asking me what it might be. "A slug, I think," was my response. She came back in a few minutes later with a slug in her hands, saying, "Mom, is this a slug? It's so cute!"

Ah, yes, worms and slugs. Good thing I'm a science teacher in another life.