Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We're Cool. It's All Cool.

Other than the three days of thunderstorms we've had, which has made for some cooped-up hellions and a lot of wet clothes. We did have the bonus of a rainy period yesterday with no thunder, so of course Cubby and Charlie ran around like manic ducks, soaking themselves and ending by shivering uncontrollably (it was only about sixty degrees) but NO, they did NOT want to come inside. Who cares if our lips are blue, Mom, our water bugs* want to play in the rain. They LOVE the cold!


Jack has slept more or less through the night for the past two nights. This is in contrast to the past, oh, two weeks, during which he decided to destroy his mother by waking up like four times a night.

Okay, so maybe he didn't consciously set out to destroy me, but that was pretty much the result.

But now I feel almost human again! Hooray! So I made some rhubarb sauce.

We had way too much rhubarb sitting in the refrigerator for way too long and our first CSA box arriving today to claim all the refrigerator space, so I made the recipe for Victoria Sauce in the Ball Blue Book. It has sugar and raisins and spices and hey! That's pretty much chutney. It's good, but a little too sweet. I bet it'll be really good with our pork, though.

Let's see, what else?

Next week is Cubby's last day of preschool. That same day will be Jack's six-month birthday. My sister is arriving the day before with her family for a short visit. She's coming on her birthday, actually, so I promised to make her a chocolate cake. Jack doesn't get any, though. Sucks having no teeth sometimes.

And I think we'll end here. Happy random Wednesday, my lovelies.

* A strange plastic bug toy that came free in a Wendy's kid's meal, and Charlie's sunglasses. Those were the water bugs. No one could ever call my kids unimaginative. Weird, maybe, but definitely not unimaginative.


tu mere said...

Went back to take another look at the sunglasses. Just love how your kids aren't even close to gender specific when it comes to accessories.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the change in sleep pattern is long-lasting. One can always hope, right?

Anonymous said...

Is Jack eating cereal yet? I know nothing about these things, which doesn't stop me for offering an opinion, of course. But does he need more sustenance to get through the night? Mary in MN

Daisy said...

Re: the rhubarb -- somewhere I have a recipe for canning a rhubarb barbecue sauce. It's tangy, more vinegar than tomato-y. I pour a jar of this BBQ sauce over a pork roast or a few chicken breasts and let the whole thing simmer all day in the crock pot. If you want it, give me a holler - er, an email. I'll share.