Friday, October 23, 2015

Breeding Contempt

Me and Charlie on the porch:

Me: I love you, Charlie.

Charlie: No, you don't.

Me: Of course I do.

Charlie: Well, I don't like you.

Me in the kitchen in the morning making chicken salad for Cubby's lunch, Cubby appears scowling:

Cubby: Mommy, I like it when Daddy is the only one downstairs in the morning. I don't like it when you're here.

All of us in the living room:

Charlie: Daddy is the best.

Cubby: Daddy is fun.

Charlie: I'm going to throw you in the garbage, Mommy.

This morning in the kitchen:

Cubby: I have to eat this nasty egg? You are a TERRIBLE COOK.

Motherhood: The most unappreciated job on the planet.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I wouldn't know how to deal with that! Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Mary: Ignore in the case of Charlie, and in the case of Cubby, a response to the effect that if I weren't there, he wouldn't be getting chicken salad for lunch and if he keeps making rude remarks about cooking, he won't get any breakfast at all. Thankfully, such comments are relatively rare.

tu mere mere said...

Can I refer to them as not so little toads? I'm sure they feed off of each other's negativity, but that's just psychobabble when you're the one on the hurtful end. Of course Dad gets all the kudos. It's awesome not having to be the stay at home person responsible for everything in their lives, both the negative and positive. Keep working on that hardened exterior; we all know your true worth!

sheila said...

You've got boys secure enough that they are positive they have both parents love and can therefor get away with spouting off this kind of nonsense. Dad is the fun camping, fishing adventure guy so it makes sense they want more play time with him. I think you handled it well. Cubby is old enough to be called out on his rude comments.