Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fun Fall Family Photos

No, I will not spell it "fotos," ever.


I took some pictures yesterday. Let's view them, shall we?

Turning the leaf pile into a leaf carpet, as per tradition.

Charlie still rocks the shades with serious attitude, albeit with less bling.

Nothing like a leaf-bed nap. (I find this photo a little creepy. Also, Charlie looks about six feet tall in this, which is also disturbing in a "look what the future holds" kind of way.)

HA! A photo of the elusive celebrity in which he not technically scowling! Not technically smiling, either, but it's the best I got.

Even a Mommy and Me selfie won't make him smile. He's a tough one, that Charlie.

This one, however, has no issues with smiling for the camera.

Or with smiling in general. Love that smiley Jack.

Cubby was at school, which is why he doesn't appear in these photos. Luckily, he doesn't know what he missed.

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tu mere mere said...

Awe! Take out the blue cost cause we're comin.