Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bring on the Sugar!

Cubby got off the bus yesterday with a small bag that had been presented to him by his bus driver. It had a picture of a grinning jack-o-lantern on it, and the innocent child thought it was filled with balloons or something.

Isn't it nice he's gotten to five years old without understanding the true candy-fueled nature of Halloween?

He was delighted to discover it held candy, which he of course wanted to eat. I let him and Charlie pick out one piece each to eat before dinner, and then dumped the rest into the bowl I dubbed "the Halloween bowl*." I decreed they can each pick one piece for dessert after dinner.

I am the most un-fun mom ever, yes.

Both Cubby and Charlie are going trick-or-treating in the village with their schools today, which means more candy for the Halloween bowl. Cubby has not yet come home with the wondrous news that you can go trick-or-treating on the actual day of Halloween and get bags full of candy, but he'll eventually learn that at school. Because it's not just botany he learns there.

So we'll see if he insists on trick-or-treating on Saturday. If he doesn't, I'm not going to suggest it. We have plenty of years for that in the future. And anyway, I'm sure he's going to be flying high as a sugar kite when he gets off the bus today, so the traditional Halloween sugar gorging will not be denied him. Along with the traditional Halloween sugar crash.

Should be a fun afternoon.

* This bowl, actually. We probably have the classiest Halloween bowl in the country. Thanks, Dad!


tu mere mere said...

There's the popular supposed dentist's take of "Let them eat it all at once and brush their teeth after," probably started by a child, but not really applicable since your kids aren't easting candy throughout the day. I've also read that candy, e.g., sugar, doesn't make kids hyper, not something I usually to say to parents whose children are bouncing around and some sort of explanation needs to be given other then they're excited kids.

When you pass that candy bowl, try and leave some chocolate, although we never did.

Daisy said...

Plenty of years ahead, indeed - there's no rush in getting the whole sugar experience started.