Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For Mary's Mother

Sometimes I wonder why I've kept on posting the same random, frivolous drivel here day after week after month after year after year after year . . . Almost nine years now I've been writing inconsequential stories about my small life and sending them out into the ether for no reason whatsoever.

Except they are not inconsequential. Because people read them. And to some people, they become quite important indeed.

One of those people was Mary's mother. Mary is a friend of the MiL's from way back. Mary's mother lived in an assisted living facility, and Mary visited her mother almost every day. At some point, Mary began printing out and reading my blog to her mother. And those stories that I put very little thought into became a part of both of their lives.

Mary's mother--I never met the lady and in fact don't even know her name--particularly loved the stories about Cubby, Charlie, and Jack. She followed along with all their births. She laughed at their antics and their proclamations. She watched them grow up, even though they never met in person.

Mary's mother died yesterday. Mary was with her at the end, and when the MiL sent me the news about her mother's death, Mary specifically wrote to me to let me know that her mother asked about "the little boys" until the end, making up stories about them based on the expressions she saw in the photos I posted.

This made me tear up. And it reminded me that those little boys are precious in so many ways, to so many people.

So to Mary, I extend my deepest sympathies. And for her mother, I offer one last photo of "her boys," whom she never met:

Rest in peace, Mary's mom. With love from the Family Blackrock.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so touched. My mother would have loved this tribute to her (Doris). Thank you so much! Your family was very special to her and remains so to me. Mary in MN

flask said...

now i am crying, too.

just a little.

but yeah.

and mary, i am sorry. random stranger from internet. here and there we touch. ripples spread.

i wish you gentle passage through this time.

Becky said...

What a sweet post, Kristin. It's true that your family has become a little part of other families. When you started, I read it to get glimpses and bits of news about my friend, the MiL. Now I read because you're a good writer and because I've come to feel sort of close to all of you (not in a creepy way!). Sometimes I send one of your posts to my daughter because she also appreciates good writing and is coping with her first-time round of motherhood. I really spend very little time on the computer, and this is the only blog I read. So carry on! (no pressure)
Becky in Utah

Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Kristin, your writings are so authentic, and meaningful, and funny, and smart. I enjoy reading the stories more than you can ever know. Thank you for writing and for sharing the news about one lady in particular who loved the stories and your family.

Mary, I'm very sorry.

Melinda said...

I have read your blog for years as well. I don't often comment but I enjoy it so ..