Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Downside to Narcissism

If a blog (by which I mean my blog) is all about one person (by which I mean me), what happens when that person feels less than interesting?

I mean, do you really want to read about how Cubby and Charlie keep rubber-banding pens and pencils all over their supposedly cuddly stuffed animals to make Battle Puppy and Battle Sheep? And then I have to confiscate all the pointy writing implements before Jack rams them through his cheeks or something during his speed-crawling?

Or how sick I am of yelling, "IT'S NOT A COMPETITION!" to every damn thing that Cubby and Charlie make into a competition? Which is everything. (Seriously. How many buttons are on their shirts? Does one have more than the other? It's a competition. SERIOUSLY.)

Or how I forced myself to make yogurt yesterday even though I was really tired and didn't want to because I knew I needed to make laundry soap today and I use the same pot for both things?

Or how at the moment I have two freezers stuffed full of venison and beef, but I'm getting pretty burned out on red meat? And yet have very little energy or desire to drive all the way to the grocery store to get an alternative, which won't be that great, anyway, because grocery store meat never is and it seems that all I ever cook is meat?

Or how I think kale chips are vastly overrated?

Or how Jack is turning one next week and the best party I could come up with was basically a glorified playdate with two other mothers and their kids, at which I will hand out cupcakes and we'll sing Happy Birthday, but A. and the MiL won't be there because I have to do it during the day because having a birthday a week before Christmas means there is WAY too much going on? And I feel sort of guilty about this, because I myself am a third child with a birthday right around Christmas and I know how much it sucks. (Not that he'll remember anything about it, but this is all about me, remember?)

Or how tired I am of being tired?

See? Just not that interesting. And yet, I still typed it all out. Because it's all I got.


tu mere mere said...

It may sound totally parental, but you really make angst and distraught sound comical. Anyone with kids reading this will either say "Yep, totally understand" or "Gosh I'm glad I'm not her". It sucks, and you're allowed to vent. It's good for the soul, and it's your blog! Can't say the kids will grow out of being super competitive, but they will eventually get old enough for you to get some sleep. How about next week?

Anonymous said...

My mother and I find each blog very interesting! Don't think that we don't discuss these kid adventures in much detail! Mary in MN

DFW said...

I did't have children (by choice) & I think your blog is quite entertaining. I couldn't imagine doing what you do but appreciate your lifestyle.

Anonymous said...


I love all the great stories, and the wonderful pictures, and real-and-different-from-my-life lifeness of your blog.


Kathy said...

I look forward to the stories about the boys and your day to day as it unfolds. I have read for a while now and when I check in, I look forward to catching up. So yes-I enjoy all of it!


flask said...

if you do not write about your mis/adventures, what will i talk about with my friends?

you don't think I'M going to have kids, do you? no. i enjoy accounts of yours.