Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Reminder That It Can Always Be Worse

When Cubby and Charlie's friends showed up yesterday for a playdate, their mother was quite candid that, why yes, winter break has sucked royally at their house as well. AND, she had a huge bandage on her right hand, covering the 12 stitches she had to get after falling down their stairs on Saturday and ripping her hand open.

She has three kids too, roughly the ages of mine. Those kids do not care if you have an injury; they still demand milk and carrying and everything else.

So I may have three continuously screaming children, but at least I don't have twelve stitches in my hand.

Then, this morning, I got an e-mail cancelling today's playdate with a different family because the baby of the family (almost exactly Jack's age) has some kind of nasty croup thing that's keeping everyone awake at night and her mother really didn't want Jack to catch it. She had to cancel.

So I may STILL have three continuously screaming children, but at least I don't have an exhausted, croupy baby who's keeping me awake all night.

Perspective is a wonderful thing.


tu mere mere said...

No hope of getting out somewhere, or having continuous Netflix or exercise tapes on or something/anything different? Can't imagine, even as an adult, being cooped up for that long inside, even without kids. Really glad we lived in mild climates when y'all were young. You're definitely a better mom than me.

So sorry about your friend. I know she's a really laid back person, but I'm sure her limits are being tested as well. Did she share your need to close herself up to gain some sanity? Probably not.

Daisy said...

Oh, my. Too bad for the friend with stitches - little ones don't offer moms sick days. I hope the break is over soon and life can return to "Normal" - whatever normal may bring.