Sunday, February 14, 2016

For Posterity

Jack took his first steps yesterday. It was such a classic Third Child Milestone, too. Lemme tell you about it.

I was reading in the bay window chair in the living room. The MiL and all three kids were in there too. Charlie was playing on the chair by the fireplace and Jack was standing up there watching him. Then I guess Jack just turned around and struck out across the living room. First thing I knew about it was the MiL announcing excitedly, "Jack's walking! He's walking!" I looked up from my book in time to see him take five or six steps before plopping down on the rug.

We all cheered. He looked a little stunned, then smiled uncertainly. Good thing the MiL was there, or else Mindy Kaling* would have made me miss my third baby's first steps.

Later he walked back and forth a few steps between me and A., before Charlie decided that was quite enough attention for the baby and launched himself at A. to end the walking practice.

Charlie is such a middle child, it's kind of ridiculous.

I am also required by our resident weather fanatic (A.) to record the historic low temperatures we got this morning. It was 12 degrees below zero on the weather station at 7 a.m., and 14 degrees below zero on A.'s car thermometer in the front of the house. Coldest ever at our house.

It was cold enough to partially freeze our water pump in the cellar, requiring A. to break out his heat gun and the kerosene heater to get everything flowing again. Also cold enough to create the infamous frost on our bedroom walls. Cozy.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. Always an afterthought around here.

Okay, I think I've covered everything. Let me leave you with a thrilling photo of the newly-bipedal Jack:

Courtesy of Cubby the Photographer, specializing in pensive photos of red-eyed babies.

* I was reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)Obviously a very absorbing book. (It is very entertaining, though, in all seriousness.)


Joellen said...

Way to go Jack!

I don't know how y'all stand such cold temps. We were all complaining becausr it was going to be 26 here last night.

tu mere mere said...

Red eyed and nose to boot. Guess it's cold up there in the now frozen homestead.

Woo hoo for Jack and mom. The good news is, the more he walks the less you have to carry. The bad news is, y'all's house can be a dangerous place for first-time walkers. Can't imagine much walking outside just now with y'all's weather, but the snow will melt and not turn into ice, and Jack will be able to more-or-less propel himself, which saves much wear and tear on mom's body. It's the little things that matter.

flask said...

yay! congratulations to the newly bipedal lad!


Daisy said...

Milestones! Jack now joins his brothers in the walking group. Nothing within reach is safe. But you knew that - because he's the third child. :)