Thursday, March 10, 2016

Because It's Been Too Dull

I was just thinking I could use a little more excitement in my life. Good thing A. saw a bat flying around in the Pit of Despair last night! That should make my required multiple trips in and out of the cellar today to do laundry and get more jars for maple syrup much more entertaining.

Will it stay safely immobile in its daytime hiding place? Or will the dark of the Pit of Despair inspire it to swoop around during the day, while I'm trying to get jars? OR, will it be inside one of the jars, which has happened before? OrOR inside the washing machine, which has also happened before?

Who can tell! So much to look forward to!

Wish me luck.


Joellen said...

Good Luck! I had a bat fly down the chimney and into the den when I was a teenager. Super scary it just flying in circles around the den.

Anonymous said...

Would it have been better if A just hadn't told you about it at all?