Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ah, the Resiliency of Nature

Bats used to be a large feature of life at Blackrock. Not a particularly welcome one inside the house, where I found them far too often, but we had a nesting colony of hundreds in the attic, so they were everywhere.

Then they disappeared, almost certainly due to the White Nose Syndrome that killed off so many in such a short amount of time in the east. I didn't particularly miss them, because, let's be honest, a bat looks like a nightmare come to life.

But then, A. and the children discovered a small bat sleeping in the nook of the huge copper beech tree on the front lawn for a few days about a month ago. And just a week ago when A. ascended the porch roof to take the storm window off the upstairs hall window, he found quite a large deposit of guano on the roof there.

And then this morning, I found one in the washing machine, almost exactly six years after I first found bats in the washing machine*.

So it looks as if the bats are recovering from their plague. Hooray. I guess.

* And just like last time, the MiL removed it for me, because she's much braver than I am when it comes to bats.

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