Wednesday, August 3, 2016

And Back We Come

Okay! The first whirlwind trip to the new house has been accomplished, with only minor meltdowns from Charlie in the car on the way there and back. (It's always, ALWAYS Charlie when it comes to meltdowns in the car.)

The landlady told A. she was relieved to have such a nice family in the house. Score one for the collared shirts! I'll do my best to keep our nice family from wrecking the joint in the next year, but . . . well, we may have to fix a few things before we leave. Hopefully nothing too involved or expensive.

The new house has a really not-good steep staircase connecting the main living area with the downstairs where the kids are going to be sleeping, which is not ideal in the case of our intrepid small toddler. That particular small toddler is also going to be sleeping in the utility room, so he seems to have gotten the short end of the stick in this particular house.

The high porch, however, is pretty great for early-morning blueberry breakfasts from a measuring cup.

Incidentally, measuring cups are excellent receptacles for a small child's snack, what with that handle and all. Still learning six years and three kids into this parenting gig.

Cubby and Charlie enjoyed finding their own red raspberries and blackberries in the ubiquitous wild bushes that line the perimeter of the mowed areas of the property.

This is the view from the aforementioned porch and those teeeeny little dots in the bushes just to the left of center are Cubby and Jack grazing on raspberries. 

The kids seem quite excited about their new home. A. is similarly enthusiastic, particularly after seeing sign for fishers, mink, deer, and plenty of other exciting animals that can be hunted, trapped, fished, and otherwise harvested in a satisfyingly mountain man fashion.

We're back at Blackrock this week to see some visiting family, and then we'll return north on Saturday. Our internet service isn't supposed to be installed until the following Friday, but I'll try to update here when I can. Because I'm sure your lives are all barren and sad without the randomness that I specialize in here on this unknown site.


Catch you later, my lovelies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Mary in MN

Sherry said...

You've got your hands full big time with the move and three kids! I hope all of you enjoy your new home.

Daisy said...

I love the concept of measuring cups for snacks! They have a handle, they're small enough for little hands...and all the rest. I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible.

flask said...

i realize i'm always about a month behind n the reading, but my life is actually a little mosre barren without random news from your unknown site.

i am feeling a little anxious about the move.i don't cope well with change, even other people;s changes, which i think says something unfortunate about my personality.