Friday, August 5, 2016

Grimly Soldiering On

Not to state too obvious a point, but DIY moving really sucks.

Thank God for the carrying capacity of a minivan, though.

Tomorrow we load A.'s trailer with the beds and a bookcase and the rugs and some other miscellaneous stuff that won't fit in the van, and off we go to the north country. Where we will unload it all with three children scurrying around. And then I have to unpack and find places for it all.

I'd better make sure the ibuprofen is in a very accessible spot. And the gin may ride shotgun with me tomorrow, just to make sure I don't lose it in all the chaos, you see. I think I'm gonna need it.


Anonymous said...

Where will you put Mia! Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Mary: Not to worry. There's an enclosed part of the porch she can sleep in before it gets too cold, and then there's a little alcove near the stairs inside where she can sleep out of the way in the winter. She's pretty old--she doesn't really get around too much anymore.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Oh wait, you meant in the van, didn't you? She's going to ride in A.'s Subaru, which will be pulling the big trailer.

tu mere said...

Ah, brings me back to family military moves, without the household goods. When we had two cars we'd share kid transport. If I were you, I'd pick up on that option and strongly suggest that Charlie ride in the Subaru.

FinnyKnits said...

Thinking of you, sister! Definitely give gin shotgun and ibuprofen in the console. Safe and fast moves!